• Giuseppe Matarrese


    He graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence in 1981 at the top of his class, Cum Laude, by discussing a thesis on how to design while employing alternative energies through the use of environmentally friendly design. He has been a member of the Registry of Architects since 1982. He practices his profession in the widest fields, from urban planning, to architecture, to home décor, to design, to restoration by assignment both in the private and public field. His works have been published on: Word Residential Design, Casa Vogue, Segno, Modo, Architettura e Mestiere, Ville e Giardini, Casabella and Casa Viva

  • Loredana Lenoci


    She graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Bari in 2004 with a thesis on “The project of recovery and urban upgrading of Borgo Segezia in the province of Foggia”. She has been a member of the Registry of the Architects since 2005. She practices her profession privately as well as in cooperation with the Matarrese Studio dealing with architecture, furnishing, design and restoration. Observing Mother Nature and its shapeless forms as many architectures forms, mad and foolish…looking at the pages of a read book by the wind, this is what identifies me.

  • Serena Matarrese


    She has studied at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Architecture in 2009 and a Master’s degree in Science of Architecture in 2011. She has worked with prominent architects within the European and Italian scene such as Massimo Carmassi, Aires Mateus, Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi. The overlapping of volumes, pure shapes, the contrasts between shadows and light and the studying of the latter are the main characteristics of her architecture. Render, 3D and 2D graphics are the essential means to bring to life an idea and turn it into a design.

  • Corrado Vernò

    Graphic designer

    He has dealt with Visual Communication since 1995, mainly in the field of public communication and architecture. Passion, technical proficiency, the ability to understand different themes and creativities are some of the characteristics that rise from his works. His main goal is to accomplish original projects and always up to date, in order to reach the maximum communication effect. 2D and 3D graphic representation, corporate communication, video editing, web graphic, are all the means for an efficient communication.

Via E.Gianturco, 8
Canosa di Puglia (BT)
T./F. 0883 664674